University Connect & Persist (UCAP) develops and utilizes proactive strategies that empower students to create action plans, establish success networks, and implement techniques that promote persistence to graduation and lifelong learning. In addition, UCAP engages the campus community in collaborative partnerships to facilitate student success.

Our Services

Mapworks is a student success tool that helps faculty and staff understand students' NKU experience. A student survey provides key information that triggers proactive outreach, especially to students who may be at risk early in the semester. Mapworks is also NKU's early referral system and connects faculty, staff and student networks. 

The Lending Library allows students to borrow one textbook per semester. Students who borrow a book meet with a UCAP Coordinator for a financial and academic wellness check. 

SGA Retention Award is a one-time-only tuition assistance award that helps students who are struggling financially. Students schedule an appointment with a UCAP Coordinator to discuss eligibility criteria and the application process.

Networking allows students to be more successful while at NKU and as they build their career. The UCAP Office assists students in creating their success networks.

How do students connect with us?

  • Early Referral: Faculty may refer any student who appears to need assistance with issues that could hinder academic progress. 
  • Walk-In/Self-Referral: Any student with questions or concerns related to their NKU experience is welcome to stop in or make an appointment with UCAP staff. 
  • Proactive Outreach: Students are identified in Mapworks and contacted for early intervention.

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Email: ucap@nku.edu